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Hi! I'm Evie. I'm currently working on a game called esprit and a complementary scripting language, evscript. You can find a collection of my projects below.


A Game Boy "Mystery Dungeon" engine, making extensive use of the console's limited video capabilities. Features 8 independant entities which each have a unique color palette and set of graphics, procedurally generated levels, a powerful variable-width-font engine which makes text compact and easy to read, and a custom scripting language created from scratch for this project, evscript.


A simple yet versatile programming language originally made for the Game Boy. Intended to replace the macro based scripting languages often used in assembly projects, evscript provides control flow structures, variable declarations and operators, and compact bytecode output which saves space compared to C or even some assembly code.


A unit testing program for Game Boy ROMs. Configure tests using TOML files and instantly execute them with the built-in CPU emulator.


regex.inc is a regex parser written in rgbasm. Its primary use is picking apart the arguments to complex macros, but feel free to get creative.

Game Boy VRAM Allocation Library

A simple Game Boy library for allocating video memory at runtime. Valloc uses a very basic block pattern which takes advantage of the fact that VRAM tiles can be addressed using a single byte.

Game Boy Sprite Objects Library

A small, lightweight library meant to facilitate the rendering of sprite objects, including Shadow OAM and OAM DMA, single-entry "simple" sprite objects, and Q12.4 fixed-point position metasprite rendering.

Kirby’s Dream Land DX

My first project on the Game Boy. KDL DX is a romhack which adds Game Boy Color support to Kirby's Dream Land.


A Game Boy engine written entirely in RGBASM/SM83 assembly, with two macro-based scripting languages for programming events and enemies. These scripting languages led to the creation of evscript.