Evie | Resources


A collection of Game Boy libraries and tutorials.


evbmfont converts images into bitmap fonts (.fnt). You can find a web interface here.


regex.inc is a regex parser written in rgbasm. Its primary use is picking apart the arguments to complex macros, but feel free to get creative.

Game Boy VRAM Allocation Library

A simple Game Boy library for allocating video memory at runtime. Valloc uses a very basic block pattern which takes advantage of the fact that VRAM tiles can be addressed using a single byte.

Game Boy Sprite Objects Library

A small, lightweight library meant to facilitate the rendering of sprite objects, including Shadow OAM and OAM DMA, single-entry "simple" sprite objects, and Q12.4 fixed-point position metasprite rendering.

Game Boy Interrupts tutorial

A tutorial on configuring and using the Game Boy's VBlank interrupt.